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Accept what is it. Let go of what was it. Have faith in what will be.

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One year ago

Friday night, I went to the vendor dinner invitation. Total 8 ppl from our company…

That place is very nice and suitable for couple… I never know this place before…

One of my colleagues said, is u got gf here u definitely will explore this place in one day..

My mind was thinking.. is truth also.. I seldom do this kind of thing in SG..

But in Malaysia, I definitely know .. because I live there over 20y,…曾经我计划过的,准备过的。。不知道为什么会想起以前。。 不知道如果那时你来这边。。 没有如过, 只有事实。。 就算我准备的在充足,充分,那又如何?你没来。。。

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These few days, I keep dreaming… my bottom of heart is still breaking…

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Finally, i will back permanently. This EJA assignment is really challenge for me. At least completed most of the tasks assigned from Jurong.

There is no easy money in this world. Some ppl think, this is an easy money, then please change our position and feel it. Both place have different challenges and problems.

By the way, this is part of my life, I will appreciate what i had go through so far. I will remember in my life.

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1 year ago

One year ago, I feel I was blessed to have everything that I want.. in the end, I lost the only one.. really is a coincidence, Ytd was Valentine day, today is my FB memories reminder.. haha..

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Brazil Valentine’s day


我也不知道的。。今年度过了两個伤感的情人节。。 Double Valentine’s day per year, double sadness of the relationship..

Wish everyone in Brazil, happy Valentine’s day … now is 11.40pm.. Valentine’s day end soon..

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Please wait me back

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